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Business Analysis

The first steps towards digital transformation start by understanding the problems faced due to the incumbent processes. In most cases, there are manual workflows, and only experts can help to untangle the mess. There is an inherent need to optimise operations and ensure proper steps are taken towards digital transformation.

One of the critical activities to be undertaken is to assess the internal and external factors that can affect the business. It is only possible if the team can create a SWOT analysis that can identify these factors. It will help to list out these factors and formulate strategies that can help to address these factors.

It is possible only through a consistent methodology that starts with business analysis to assess your organisation's requirements. The unique challenges of the business must be evaluated along with the changing business environment. There is a need to pave the road to success, and it is possible once the proper KPIs are set. The stepping stones to the optimal framework are thrashed out too.

How Actinolix can help

Analyse business requirements:

We utilise our prior experience in multiple industries and have developed a consistent methodology to deliver results. We have a robust business analysis process in place that our experts use to understand the incumbent processes. The challenges faced by the business is understood by interactions with all sections of the company. Our experts use their deep industry knowledge to frame questionnaires to bring out the pain points and their issues.

SWOT analysis:

Understandably, the internal and external factors that govern the business must also be adequately addressed. During the business analysis study, it is required that the consultants do a SWOT analysis that will help them assess the state of affairs within the organisation and whether they are geared to addressing the external challenges the business might face over time.

Requirements management:

The team uses industry best practices and state-of-the-art accelerators to capture the exact requirements within a short time. The requirement analysis forms the cornerstone for building the robust technology frameworks that are then the building blocks for success.

Proper business analysis helps to reduce the project costs considerably and deliver consistent results. It also assists in designing the control points supporting the business to assess the operations by mapping the KPIs regularly. The team uses well-defined methodologies and portfolios that help the organisation ensure comprehensive governance and enhance decision-making processes.

Accounting and tax records:

During the course of the business, it is essential to have the accounting processes in place. The tax returns must also be handy to ensure they can be forwarded to the authorities when needed. The process is rather cumbersome and requires able hands to handle this service efficiently. Our team of finance experts helps our clients manage the accounting and tax records based on the basic tenets of accounting principles in the country.

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