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Market research

Are you willing to make changes to the way you operate? Or, are you ready to access new geographies towards business growth? If yes, market research activities are sure-shot ways to succeed. It helps to undertake a survey and assess your business's position, vis-à-vis the market and the industry. It will help the senior management to have meaningful insights about the competitors, shift in interests by the target market and the ongoing market trends.

It is essential to embrace new technologies and methodologies to have an easier understanding of where your business stands in the marketplace. You must have an experienced consultant with experience in diverse industries who will deploy industry best-practices and provide you with an in-depth understanding of the audience and the competition.

How Actinolix can help


This tool is designed to assess the significant changes in your business and the changes you can face in the future. The analysis helps you identify the political, economic, social, and technological aspects of the environment that can affect your organisation's business goals. Undertaking this study using our help can help you invest in better markets and assess threats that can expose you to more intense competition. However, you will also be provided with information on how to address these threats.

SWOT analysis:

Understandably, the internal and external factors that govern the business must also be adequately addressed. During the business analysis study, it is required that the consultants do a SWOT analysis that will help them assess the state of affairs within the organisation and whether they are geared to addressing the external challenges the business might face over time.

Sales Research:

Before undertaking any effective sales techniques, you must have a firm overview of the business and the plan can affect your revenues. Our team evaluates different methods of trade and sales promotion. They also plan revision of the boundaries specific areas of the business. You can use data mining techniques to assess the in-house team's performance and assess them against the preset goals. It will also help create vital steps in the future to align the sales goals with the company's overall goals.

Product Research:

As a business, it is necessary that you test concepts, examine your competition and evaluate your ideas to prevent mistakes. You can utilise historical data to assess your audience's mindset when you plan to introduce new products to the market. Our team of experts helps determine market needs and where the product will stand against the market's competitors. The product research activity does not stop with introducing the product but is an ongoing activity that requires you to gauge customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis.

Advertising Research:

Being in the market is fraught with risks. While it is necessary to analyse the possible effectiveness of advertisements, it is also essential to ascertain how they react to different promotions. The research activity can help to establish your brand image, or in some cases, assist in rebranding as well. The research study can help predict any upcoming issues, monitor the progress levels, and assess the chances of failure.

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